34. Loneliness, the soul's best friend


As soon as I am left alone, I reconstruct myself. With superfluous discussions often made with many people, I wear myself out in a very tiresome way. Just after the door is closed and I'm left with myself, so much order enters my life ... loneliness, the soul's best friend.

It widens horizons, introduces unknown paths of the mind to you, becomes a great companion, reveals your strengths to you, your fears, and teaches you that you haven't conquered anything in depth. Everything exists in another form and you often spot them in all their splendour!

The mind leads to where you think you are done with it ... fear. I think that it is indeed the great enemy, and I am sure that it will be abolished only by the absence of mind. It is the companion of matter that persists in maintaining it. Our entire struggle is for this unacceptable emotion to be eliminated. Fear ... I often say it in order to cast it out.

Kazantzakis spent his entire life in order to become able to say "I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free". Had he really managed to tame this wild beast, or did he just think so? Nobody knows ... however, he fought for it bravely.