35. In the path of "initiation" ...


I found the best analysis of fear in the "Initiation"*, "your" book. How truly it re-enacts the feelings and their forms ... One is attacked from all directions always by the same opponent, the "enemy". Struggle for the fact that you are not it, struggle to see that you don't belong there. This point needs lots of studying because it is the most difficult chapter in our lives.

Somewhere else my attention was drawn to, concerning the book always, was the dreams that woman had, after the revelation of her many incarnations. Do you remember her saying that whatever was to occur in her life, she saw in a dream before it happened. So she decided to write down her dreams, which were always prophetic for her. The previous and the continuation came to reveal to her that everything pre-exists as events, that everything that happens is realities from the past!


Then, how can we change something when even, she with such a developed consciousness could not manage to control the facts of her life? Therefore, I'm right in believing that your life plan doesn't change considerably ... what does change, is the perception you acquire with knowledge and not your destiny. This has taken shape over endless years, and it isn't easy to avoid.

Knowledge simply makes you distance yourself from what's happening and better understand that whatever goes on, is being done, so the table of creation is completed ... this you have definitely decided on and also contributed to yourself, and there is no way you can change the chain of your experiences.
*Elisabeth Haich, "Initiation"