37. The future is included in the past


The feelings you described in our discussion, are well known. And this is also how I find you in my peace and quiet, by inhaling the air or when my glance is lost in the nowhere of my being. I reach you as a feeling and suddenly I stop being alone ... this is how it's done, the wind brings you here and it's also the wind that takes you away. But neither far away nor near exists, only circular now, that's why it's an illusion that we're lost ... we never got lost in reality, it was simply that we got together with difficulty.

Common concerns, similar emotions, the same feeling for things, in one word: a common past. ... A common past is what makes things long lasting. Of course, it plays a part if you ever "realize" it.

This is our relationship, in the end. It's the same memories, the very same logic of things, the same feeling of the somewhere else of the Beginning of our relationship! We are neither from here, nor are we totally here, the other place that brought us, claims us ... determines us ... controls our thoughts and our emotions. This emotion that I have and this understanding is not related to the experiences and the life I have lived on earth ... it's disembodied, pure and genuine as Light!

When thoughts are scattered and the body is intense, the space of our soul is small for the size of divine Love. And this space is created with pain or absence many times. When you seek God, you drive away from yourself whatever makes it difficult for you to find him, unintentionally of course. The quest brings different people close to you, fewer but more essential.