41. Reading "The Fifth Mountain"*


We are asked to believe what we don't know, what can't be proved, what we have perceived as a sense only.

Reading this terrific book of Coelho's and being in the shoes of Elias, how many times did I cry because this was our life, everybody's life with no exception ... How the truth slowly and humbly touches our souls, sweetens our fears, dissipates our guilt! Then, how human God looks and how well He edifies and guides us!

Certainly, sometimes He seems like a cruel Father in our eyes, but it's because we don't know the sweetness of the "end", the tranquillity of the Beginning! It's because we don't understand His patience and His love, because we only see and remember the difficulties of our current path. Now that we doubted Him we've come to the point of believing Him in an absolute way... How could one not glorify His deed!

This book also ended, leaving a feeling of its being two-sided ... joy for the truth it carries and sorrow even for the people of God ... like Elias was. Such a struggle, so much pain, so much proof of faith and courage!

* Paulo Coelho, «The Fifth Mountain».