42. A pyramid, the shape between my eyes


Honey, everything is so quick, like a blink of the eye ... when things displease us, they seem endless, and when they please us, they last for as long as a moment of joy ... and yet their duration is the same: an instant in eternity. Life seems long because it is usually full of disappointments, bitterness, loss. Few are the joys, just as many so as to make us able to endure whatever we would otherwise abandon without a second thought!

I don't know whether this whole game is worth playing by someone, if he hasn't found the light at the bottom of the pyramid within himself ... lately, the shape between my eyes is a pyramid, and the light flashes at its top, which is far from the base of my eyes. These eyes, the earthly ones, have a different job here, where they are, but definitely they see infinitesimally compared to the true and eternal eyes, the eyes of the soul. These eyes that we carry with us when we come for a specific deed here on earth, have little potential, if we aren't able to illuminate them with the glints of a different perception, which is unproven, but a substantial one and is as real as this life which surrounds us.

When I talk with you I talk with Him; I don't hold anything for me because nothing is mine anyway. But it happens that only with you do I want to strip my existence, without censoring anything. I'm waiting for you with love and the need for my eyes to see you, which still ask for evidence in order to be happy.