43. What am I, if not His reflection?


My infinite circular turns make me feel different, wake other needs in me, lead me to other paths and so I'm deluded that I seem different. I'm indeed pleased about it and I gain value ... And then, I become the way I imagined myself, I have another look, another consciousness, another perception: A single, unique piece, with thousands of variations, without destination, without ending or beginning. ONE piece, which manifests whatever it wants to try, to taste, to understand ...

And how strange, it has the naivety to consider everything it sees as different, it thinks that everything it feels has a meaning only for it ... Delusion and naivety, but only in this way does it end up at the truth of the like. "God made man in his own image". How did this come to me now? What am I, if not His reflection? His incomplete version, yet struggling to reach the original ... one of His infinite forms, struggling to reach His image. A minimum side of His, without name and identity until my return to Him ... How can I exist without His shadow? How can I live without His acceptance?

All the time I wander around His haunts, all my moments bear His conscience! When I think that I have emptied my mind, it's that I remember Him. When I believe my heart stops, it's that it beats at His pace! Where is solitude then, that has become a nightmare for everybody? Where is insecurity then, that derives only from the world we live and move?

How strange really that we must change the way we function and our habits in order to meet Him! Only through what they kept us away from, He exists ... only in what we avoided, He exists. How can you prove that you ARE when the other isn't aware that he IS? How can you teach him to see when he doesn't know which eyes to use? Patience until the blessed moment of the same vision arrives, until the blessed hour of the same image comes ... of His image, your image, my image.

A shelter is His love, a port is the understanding of His teaching. In everything He exists, from everything He gets His share, He blesses everything, He guides everything! Only one feeling undercuts what we know intuitively: fear! A thorn of disorientation ... fear, the only reason for growing away from His target!