45. The "pattern of relatives" is all
you've brought to solve


Gradually, I can understand more and more ... and in order to understand them I first have to love them ... That's why it takes me so much time ... It's very difficult to love what upsets you, what you consider ugly or an outsider ... In that case you find it difficult to love: what you don't want in your life, so you don't understand it.

It takes time for the heart to fit in the love of the unpleasant ... so we love our man/woman but we want to chase out of him/her whatever "evil" is eating him/her ...

But this will truly happen only if we love the sum of the circumstances of the loved ones. Only then will love be solid and so its power will drive away all the shadows of the beloved's life. Deficient love never has the same capacities, simply because it is not love. Under conditions, there is no such thing as love. When someone loves he is EVERYTHING. Otherwise, the "approximate" and the "almost" are familiar to the human perception of love.

I grow up slowly ... but I grow up alone ... no one hurries for the outcome. I grow up by abolishing and this is the truth of my age. Nevertheless, some things remain the same and unchanged ... like tolerance and patience towards the people I found beside me, without remembering having chosen them ... They're the ones who need a struggle to get close to and infinite patience to accept. I'm saying this because I believe that the pattern of relatives is all you've brought with you to solve ... it's what you're asked to finish, because they came so close for you to be able to see that everything can be done when there is love.