47. Our horizons can't be shrunk now


What can we say now ... Everything we had thought so far, everything we loved or pushed away was none other than virtual reality. Otherwise, we wouldn't have reconsidered ... time and effort are needed for the revelation. And do you know something? you need guts as well, guts above all. How many can endure falling apart? What's the meaning of the revelation for the majority? Mostly the struggle is to preserve our lie. How many people deal with their truth?

Of course I justify the difficulty of this era and the circumstances, but nothing should be as powerful so as to ruin the strength we acquire when we listen to His words and "remember" His Deeds!  Honestly only this is our basis, our courage. Everything else that we once magnified, covering needs, shrank, became as small as they once had been, leaving us only the true values that we rediscovered after the madness of youth ...

Our life, anyway, has taken His form. It's difficult to compromise for something less. This must be enough for us and we should have endurance for the continuation. Nobody assures us of the outcome because it's not needed, the only thing I know well is that you never lose what you've deeply loved. And this is what He defines and gives. He was generous and open-handed to us. Let's have faith that He will take care of everything, heal everything.