50. Fatigue and impatience ...


I thought about how your life is, our life and I believe it's like this ... At the end of a school year everything is intense and you have a stronger sense of knowledge than at the beginning of that particular class ... At first the new year is boring because it starts with endless repetition.

This is exactly what's happening now. We have the impression that there is no more ... that it has ended here ... but certainly it's not so. When you understand something well, you take it for granted, therefore you almost cancel it out.

Repetition tires you, you think you're on a known pathway and, as it always happens with us people, you get tired ... You want something bigger, more real ... evidence for a different sense of a reality that has faded by your endless touching in order to understand it.


But this reality is the same, it hasn't changed. You and me and everybody else has changed, we need more effort to colour our dreams again. When we "deserve" it, we will collect the best that we anticipate.