51. You answer me immediately,
did you know that?


In the end, everything is difficult in this life. All choices wound, all roads have pain ... Everything costs and everything is paid with the blood from our soul.

It's Friday evening, the sky is pouring with rain, watering and cooling the turmoil of the earth with its inhabitants. And yet, despite everything I feel and "complain" about , my heart feels a sweetness. Sweetness and melancholy, the main characteristics of my mood ... tolerance and understanding, the final result of any discontentment after it has settled down ...

When you know the game you endure it, you have patience, you ask for less or nothing. I wish I could permanently reach that stage of not being, where "nothing" is found!

Again and again I'm in His words and His steps. I have the feeling that He's permanently by my side ... this has become part of me, I don't think it is otherwise ... He speaks in my mind and keeps silent in my soul!

I miss you, in order to speak, to come out of the deception of my absence ... I ended up talking only with you ... not with words, with thoughts, you answer me immediately, did you know that?