52. Love has nothing to do with people


I am sure that when refusal is established in a relationship, it radically changes its shape and structure. Every refusal differentiates even love itself, because, in fact, it immobilizes it. Love is alive and exists only when it broadens or mutates - it's a multidimensional substance and it's impossible to live without support, just like faith! You can't doubt something so real for any length of time and not need to lose it, in order for some day to be worthy of finding it again when you truly understand what it's about.


Love is to arrive at touching God without getting burnt. This will happen only when you're capable of feeling the power in your soul. No matter how much you ache for what's happening, accept the fact that nothing and nobody is the same as you. It's tiring trying hard to come up to someone else's level and equally tiring when you are waiting for them to reach yours. This will be achieved someday and then it won't tie anybody down.

Here we come again to the one and only truth. We've come here to earth alone and alone we'll leave. Everything else is commitments and debts given to us in order that we learn how to live together as well as separately ...

As for love, it has nothing to do with people. It relates only to the broadening of our soul so the whole world fits, the whole creation. Only when you love this way, is it without motivation and becomes real. Whatever is made concrete, has self-interest. Only God's love towards us is real. Our love for God still needs work. Of course you'll pass through this, to go to the other level ... we love specifically, for some reason(s), in order to come to love the whole of nature for no reason ... that's why I say love can be worked, mutated, it's not always the same. It has various stages of existence, as also happens with understanding.