54. When the BEING becomes ONE


" The BEING and the ONE." (note: in the Greek language the word Being is "On" and the word One is "En"). I've been stuck there since this morning after we spoke. We are at the BEING, if only it were decided that we will be incorporated in the ONE ... I don't know but I felt the depth of truth touching me like a caress, and I remembered His light that filled me beginning from my feet and ended filling my Mind ... that started growing and left me with a sense of incredible peace and confidence ... The short time this undeniable reality lasted, made me feel the importance His Word has.

ONE: this is the reality, which is however far from our ability at present. I am happy that even for a while I had the pleasure of entering His frequency, His light, His peace, which I never thought could possibly exist on this earth! And yet, now I know that with His grace we can function from here too at His pace!

In fact, somewhere there where I went, His way exists! I knew it then as well, it's only that it was so short, just enough to let me know it. For a short while I became a huge ball of light, so for the first time I thought that only this is reality!! For a short moment I became what I am, that is to say what we all are ... Perhaps the time has come for us to feel this joy ... maybe as simple as that in "our life" or maybe in another way, which is carefully being concealed.
The Metaphysics in C. P. Cavafy