55. Let there be Light!


I have noticed that whatever happens is essentially related only to the few ... us .

All the things that perturb us from time to time, are so arresting and world shaking that they resemble the weather phenomena so much ... Everything comes about in fair weather, perhaps this is why it's worth recording ... Nothing is determined with certainty, that's for sure. This happens because we are asking for the impossible, or for the almost impossible. We activate unimaginable forces and at that moment of impact, a storm gathers. The greater the impact, the stronger the force of the storm. The big problem is for the "child", which has grown up, not to go out on "the streets" ... the "child" is the Texts with the truths of our Masters ... the actual website ... Here it is, though, it has almost been done ... How many will recognize it? How many will understand what it really is? How many can still really fight it? The important thing is that both the conception and the birth were difficult ... But the result justifies the birth anguish and the awaiting of His arrival!

Now, It is taking care of its own future.