Over the past years, the inner hearing and the mechanism for the inner dictation of certain Texts began to function within a friend of ours. From the beginning it was obvious that they came from a Voice which is not on Earth. We soon realized that we were communicating with the Masters Zandos, Jesus, Aivanhov, Hilarion, Zeus and the Son.

These Letters from the Masters, at first aimed towards the practical guidance of our friend in matters of current, everyday life, while afterwards they acquired the dimensions of a complete philosophical system, since they provide answers to a wide spectrum of man's spiritual quest in philosophical, metaphysical and other matters.

These Texts drastically took effect, right from the beginning, upon the lives of each and every one of us. They also answered our questions within the circumstances of our own lives, in a synchronized way. They constitute a unique reference point for us. They reminded us of a magnificence that we had neglected from time to time, they drew out from within us the knowledge of the truth and the reason for our existence. So, we considered it advisable to spread these Letters more widely.

In conclusion, we'd like to note that the Letters are presented exactly the way they were dictated, without any intervention from us whatsoever. Only a very few points were omitted, the more personal ones without wide application. Some explanatory notes are given in parenthesis, in italic type, that facilitate the understanding of the concepts. Wherever there are parentheses in roman type, these belong to the Master's text. Moreover, in the dialogues on pages 61, 62, 94 and 96, the silent question from the recipient of the letter is included in parenthesis, in italic type. Finally, it is important that these Letters are read in their given order, because the teaching is given progressively and the knowledge is built gradually.

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