3. The Present Time and the Near Future

3.1 The fall of the Berlin Wall
3.2 Poland gains its independence
3.3 Israel, the Palestinians, Sudam and the nuclear weapons
3.4 A war in the Middle East strikes France, Italy
3.5 Soviet Union, inner revolts and alliances
3.6 Protest concerts - Rock music
3.7 The Mafia
3.8 Massive emigration from Albania to Greece
3.9 The Geneva conventions, Keynes economic system
3.10 USA, inexhaustible source of global events
3.11 The Watergate scandal
3.12 USA-Russia, a karmic relationship
3.13 The Kennedys are the reincarnation of the Gracchus brothers
3.14 Localized energy catastrophe - England
3.15 Little dictator leader in France
3.16 A leader unites the Third World countries
3.17 Tragic war incident between France and England by mistake
3.18 The loss of Ireland
3.19 Inventions, Excavations and Findings
3.20 Excavations at the Great Pyramid
3.21 Findings from ancient Greece
3.22 Space explorations
3.23 The Cabal
3.24 The AIDS
3.25 Natural disasters -
       Climatic catastrophes due to human interference

3.26 New Age and the false prophets