12. A picture of the Earth, in 2087
(population: 120 million people)

I see a woman, about 30 years old, who is looking out of the window or spaceport of a spaceship. She’s very pretty, has blond hair, blue eyes and is very statuesque. She’s dressed in what looks like a space suit, but not so bulky like our present space suits. It doesn’t hug her body either; it’s loose. She is in what we would call an extraterrestrial’s vehicle, a craft from a different planet. She’s going on a federation mission to that planet with other people from Earth. The craft is traveling faster than the speed of light, so things look like a blur out of the window. She’s reflective and I can pick up her thoughts.
The spacecraft is not very large. It’s similar to a commuter bus. They’re headed into the star system of Sirius. There are three planets there that are very important and are the reason for this mission. They are taking things, like crystals, that are of value to these other planets to use as trade items. There are about seven or eight other people with her and they’re talking, exchanging ideas, and having a good time. They’re very excited that they’re the first party of earthlings who will be going to another galaxy.

She was born a natural healer, and at a very early age they knew of her healing talents. As a result, she studied under people versed in different forms of healing. She’s what we would call a «doctor», except she’s not like our typical medical doctors because she uses crystals, her mental powers, and visualization. She’s married to one of the men on the ship. He’s interested in studying the architecture of these different planets in the Sirius star range because this is his field.

Some of the planets have the same gravity as Earth while others do not. He wants to see the different methods of construction to get ideas for new structures to be built not only on the Earth itself, but also in space.

They’ve had contact with these extraterrestrials. There are two of them on board who are piloting the ship. You can tell they are not from our planet, but they look humanoid and wear similar clothing. They’re bald, have protruding eyes, and their ears are closer, almost inside their heads. There’s a spiral structure in their ear, similar to a chambered nautilus shell.

Their noses have two nostrils but are a bit flatter. Other than those differences, they look very much like humans. They’re medium in height. Their skin isn’t white but more of a golden brown color. They’re different looking, but they’re not ugly, and they project such a loving nature that we find them very irresistible. There’s a bit of a difference in their hands. Their fingers are very thin and tapered with cone-shaped tips and they don’t have fingernails. It doesn’t look like they have hair or fingernails, or any extra things like that on their body.

They are from the Sirius star system. They communicate with each other and with the other people on the ship telepathically. They’re talking about the different things they’re going to explore and each person’s mission. There’s a great sense of love onboard this craft, and these people touch and hug a lot. Everyone’s in a very happy mood. They have a circle meditation, and this is how they communicate with the people back on Earth.
Earth now has one government. It’s called One World Government, and its headquarters are in what used to be …Omaha! That’s one of the biggest planetary centers. They’re not called cities anymore; they’re called planetary centers. The message went out from Omaha that people were invited to go on his mission. Zarea - that’s her name - is going to do healing and medical work. Her husband, Huran, is going to research architecture and engineering. There’s a black man, a man from India, and an Oriental woman who’s going to study their art and culture. The black man is going to study their flora and fauna, while the Indian man is going to discover their philosophical truths. They each have a different skill, but they’re all interested in exploration and the creation of new colonies in space, because now there’s not much land area on the Earth.
They believe that to support the population increase which will occur a hundred years in the future, that they will have to colonize space around this planet. This is why they’re visiting other worlds. They are also thinking of colonizing part of the moon and a part of Mars.

During the shift, contact was made with these people who have helped them form the planetary centers; they’ve been working with them for the last …80 years. After the earth shift, most of the areas studying space exploration were under water. But in the northwest is a large island, an area called «Seal Center.» It’s remnants of what was Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. East of there was an area where space exploration study remained after the earth shift. As a result, there’s a space port they call «Surveilas».

The landing area, Surveilas, is the space port where they transport the crafts. This is where the UFOs - what we would call UFOs - land. This area in the northwest is part of what they call the «northwest island.» This was once a part of the United States before most of it sank, but they don’t call it by its old name. The United States in now part of the one world government system. Most of the world that we know is under water. The polar caps aren’t there …. Land resources are very limited… Because of the pollution and the destructiveness that went on, the living being of the planet itself is now only 10 percent land mass and 90 percent ocean.

Most of the polluted land masses have been cleaned up by the interconnection and working with people from other galaxies. They have helped to regenerate what land is still available. As a result of a tragic nuclear accident, one huge area in what was Asia has no land that can be used. When the earth shifted, it broke up an atomic reactor. It went almost completely down. As a result, it poisoned the whole sea. "We've been thinking of flooding this area, but we know it would poison the ocean." It's 300 square miles of "radioactive city." No one lives in this area except people who don't want to change or who want to go back to the old system. As a result there are some types of mutations that take place among their births.

In her sense of history there was no nuclear war. The threat was always there, but it didn't happen. The "old world", as they call it, was full of brutality, injustice, and hate. They don't want to give credence to any of these negative emotions and feelings. So they really date everything from what they call "One World Government." That took place in 2039, ten years after the shift. There are some buildings and such that are kept up. In fact, they even have a recreation area of what an American village of the 1980s looked like. You know, a supermarket, a mall, and parking lots with cars. They also have a colonial village with things from that time. It's similar to a living museum. They use it to instruct their children on the different ages that humans have gone through.

They didn’t just do away with all of the old world. In fact, people still live in houses that were built during that time that survived the earth shift. But they think the quality of life then was very primitive and barbaric so they look on it with a sense of distaste. It’s the way we would feel about primitives that still hunt heads in New Guinea. Most of them are spiritually enlightened beings who know what they have been in previous lifetimes, so they know their cycle. Everybody unites in spiritual intercourse with each other to heal the planet and make up for all the losses when the shift occurred. There aren’t many people on Earth: there are … about 120 million people on the Earth right now in 2087.
Many, many people were lost to the Earth shift and many more people died in the transition because of disease and things of this type. It was not an easy time. Diseases were running rampant, and if it weren’t for the help of the extraterrestrials, the planet could have perished. But the extraterrestrials came to heal as well as to educate people and to show them new technology.

Other extraterrestrial beings have contacted them as well, people from Sirius, Aldebaran, Betelgeuse, or about 15 other star systems. Now we’re part of the galactic federation. The requirement for membership into the galactic federation is to know the plan of the Creator, to follow that plan, and to be part of one galaxy consciousness.
The extraterrestrials are helping us on Earth to build our own propulsion power drives and such, so we’ll have our own vehicles. They’re really helpful and wonderful. They helped us form the One World Government because they reinvented the communication lines between the different islands.
The human beings survived the catastrophes and rebuilt their world. The indomitable human spirit triumphed and the world did not perish, even though it underwent a great change.

Master Jonah ...*