1. pressure, a discreet visitor ...
2. in hard soil no seed can be planted
3. a mirror of the past: the back
4. the hour of the heart
5. I extend my human limitations
6. the root of Life, the kidneys
7. I study the low and am initiated into the high
8. this head needs ... "a good shaking"!
9. like carved jade, like ground stone
10. the energy sculpting continues ...
11. the ever-changing ocean invades
12. the ocean of the blood of the heart!
13. in the eyes, matter and spirit mingle
14. pressure-steps!
Shiatsu Moments, To En, to-en.gr, Danae Bapka, Manda Graikou, written-illustrated by Tilda Negri,
photographs: Vally Konstantopoulou, translated by Norma McFarlane Vassilopoulou