"Freedom, the spirit triumphant"

I have no desire to be free;
I want to consciously commit myself

All my life long I have been intent on one thing and one thing only: how to help my fellow human beings. This is my one great concern, my only preoccupation. I am well aware of the conditions in which they live; indeed, I would have to be blind not to recognize all the difficulties they have to face. But it is possible to overcome these difficulties; there are a certain number of methods by means of which men and women can strengthen their inner life and, if they are to avoid being destroyed by external conditions, they must learn to use them.  

The goal of most oriental spiritual teachings is liberation. For thousands of years, the Initiates of India, Tibet and Japan have worked to find methods which would enable them to free themselves from the bonds holding them down to earth. This is why many of them retired into caves or deep into the forest in order to devote themselves wholly to this work of liberation. Personally, I do not like that attitude much; it still seems rather selfish to me. Why try to free oneself? I have no desire to be free, on the contrary, I want to limit myself and consciously commit myself. If you are so intent on freeing yourself then, of course, it only remains for you to walk out on everything and everyone: nothing else matters. It must be fine to be free and to float in light, bliss and ecstasy, to know the beatitude of Nirvana, but personally, I cannot see any advantage in being happy all alone; that is not what I want.

And that is why I have limited myself and committed myself totally. I came down to earth because I thought it was selfish to stay up there, in such freedom and happiness. I understood that it would be better to come here and be knocked about and criticized and dirtied.

It is almost as though many of those who have completed their evolution on this planet tired of all that joy and happiness, all that light. Even some of the very greatest Initiates who have lived on earth seem unable to wipe out the memory of that experience and sever their bonds with the earth. They are free, they have been victorious in all their battles, they are living in eternity and yet, from time to time, they feel the desire to gaze on those poor human beings amongst whom they lived and with whom, in spite of the great distance between them, they still feel a bond. Centuries, even millenaries after leaving the earth, they still remember, and in the greatness, the abundance and the tremendous love of their hearts, they decide to come down and help humanity. And that is what I did.