"Freedom, the spirit triumphant"

Our work lies in our physical body

The physical body, is quite a different proposition: that is where our work lies. Our task is to make it so pure and invulnerable, so unassailable by sickness and disease, so alive and so subtle that it can really and truly become the mouthpiece of the spirit, a means of expression for Heaven itself, so that all the marvels of the universe may be made manifest through it. For the moment, of course, man's physical body is not a temple, it is a tavern, and those who come and carouse in it come from Hell.

It is used for all the most abominable purposes; people think that that is what it is for. Certainly not! The body has been created to become the ideal instrument of the spirit, and when it does become that perfect instrument it will be capable of healing the sick, of radiating light, of moving freely in space. You will see: one day man will do wonders with his physical body. It is very easy for the spirit: as soon as it leaves the heavy, cumbersome body it is free to go wherever it wants, there is nothing to restrict it, it can travel to the depths of the oceans or to the farthest star. But the body is not yet ready to undertake such adventures.

The Metaphysics in C.P. Cavafy... *