"Freedom, the spirit triumphant"

You must attach before you detach

I have seen so many people in my life, who have tried to free themselves, but they all go about it so clumsily, in ways that are dangerous for themselves and for others! I have always told them, "Now look, suppose your house is old and tumbling down; it is very uncomfortable and you don't want to live in it any more. I quite understand; that's normal. But don't pull it down until you have built another one in its place, otherwise you'll be out on the street, at the mercy of the wind and rain - symbolically speaking".

This is exactly what I mean when I tell you that before you can free yourselves from your present attachments, you have to attach yourselves to something new. This new attachment is the new, better house you have to build and, once you have built it, you will be free to pull down the old one. But you must not do it the other way round and detach yourself before you are safely attached to something else, otherwise your detachment will be useless; you will simply find yourself attached to all kinds of erratic elements and your situation will be even more painful than before. So remember: do not detach yourselves before attaching yourselves; do not destroy before you have built anew.

Now, one more example, just to show you that when I tell you something you can always find confirmation of the truth of it in all the manifestations of nature. Suppose you have cut yourself and, under the scab which has formed over the wound, a new skin is beginning to grow. If you scratch at the scab and pull it off before the new skin is fully formed, you will simply reopen the wound and then you will have to wait for the whole process to take place all over again. Before you pull off the scab you must "build your new house", that is you must allow the new skin to form over the wound.

If you were really observant you would see that the human organism, nature, trees, in fact everything in the universe except man, respects this order of things.
Human beings want to be free, but as they do not realize the danger of breaking away from old attachments before they have created new ones, they are always getting caught out by unexpected difficulties. The thing is that if you do not take care to ensconce higher realities in the places you have cleared out in your heart and mind, all kinds of other entities will slip in, and you will be in an terrible fix. Your hearts and minds must be fully occupied by a very lofty ideal, by all that is best, most noble and most luminous. That is why Initiates teach their disciples always to give first place to the Lord. Even if this seems utterly ridiculous and in complete contradiction to all the modern ideas, do it; put the Lord firmly in first place.

Most educators do not know this law which says that one should create new bonds before detaching oneself from the old ones. You have to show people alternatives, let them taste other realities, and that is what I do.

I know very well that I could never detach you from certain habits or mental attitudes if I did not begin by attaching you to something else. That is why I put before you all the glories of Heaven and the beauty of the soul, the spirit and the sun; I want you to see for yourselves how beautiful it is and feel the need to attach yourselves to all that beauty. Later when you look back at all the rest and realize where you have come from, you will see the horror of it and want to flee! One must always let people find out for themselves what is best.