"The Powers of Thought"

Thoughts are living entities, constantly at work

We are not in the habit of thinking of thoughts as living entities; there is no mention of this in the official science we are taught; it is something that is completely unknown. Only Initiatic Science has studied this question, and it teaches, not only that thoughts are living entities, but that they are not actually created by man.

They can enter and dwell in man, to help or hinder him, but he does not create them himself: he creates only the conditions they need to come and visit him. The process is exactly the same as for children: a man and a woman do not create their child, that is to say, his spirit; they only build his "house", the physical body in which his spirit dwells. And the "house" they build may be a shack or a palace, depending on the materials they have managed to procure.

So, man does not create his own thoughts; he simply attracts some and repulses others, for the laws of attraction and repulsion apply in this domain, as in so many others. If man created his own thoughts, he would be able to get rid of them as easily as he brought them into being, but, as you know from personal experience, that is not the case. How often a swarm of thoughts have attacked you, like a cloud of angry wasps or mosquitoes, and you have been unable to drive them away! Why? Because you have created the conditions that attract them; the impurities that you have allowed to accumulate in yourself attracts creatures that like that kind of dirt. But if you purify yourself, you will soon see what kind of thoughts come to you. Thoughts exist in every region and on every level of space, all the way to the world of Ideas of which Plato spoke. What are Ideas? They are the eternal Principles, the Archetypes, the Powers that are constantly at work forming and fashioning the universe. They are divinities. Each Idea is a divinity.