"The Powers of Thought"

What do Initiates concentrate on?

(...) But, then, what do Initiates spend their time on? On other activities which are far more important. They spend their time working to produce beneficial transformations in men's heads. For, once these transformations have taken place in men's heads, their heads will find ways of communicating with their feelings, and their feelings with their acts and, in this way, human beings will, eventually, move in the right direction.

Isn't this a much more useful activity than to concentrate on moving, lifting of bending heavy objects? For when you spend your time and energy on activities of that kind, you are not doing anything in the hearts, souls or minds of men in order to improve and instruct them and bring them closer to God. Some yogis and magicians concentrate on trivial, unimportant phenomena of this kind, whereas true Sages will say: "All that is possible, to be sure. We can do it, too, but what would be the point? We would only be wasting a lot of time and energy and what would we gain? So little! No, it is simply not worth it. We prefer to spend all our energy on another kind of work which is millions of times more important for the future of mankind." Yes, that is the reasoning of the wise.