"The Powers of Thought"

"My Father is at work, and I am working with Him"

Ever since Jesus said, "My Heavenly Father is always at work, and I am working with Him", two thousand years ago, no one has ever fathomed the significance of his words. No one has ever wondered what God's work was, how He worked or why Jesus associated himself with His work. The truth is that God's work is immense, gigantic! Even I lay no claim to have understood it. It makes one's mind spin only to think of it.

The work of Christ is a work of the spirit, a work of thought by which everything is purified, harmonized and illuminated; by which everything is brought to converge on the one Divine Source, so that the waters of that Source may vivify the earth and all its creatures. This is why Jesus also asked his Father to give his disciples life in abundance, for life is the divine water which makes everything grow and flourish. Without that water, that life, man is a desert. Christ's work is to cause life to flow, and it is this work that man, the son of God, must also learn to do.