"Man's Subtle Bodies and Centres"

Etheric feast of colors and vibrations

As I told you a moment ago, the aura is formed by our emanations and not only the emanations of the physical body: they would not be sufficient.

The aura is far more complex than that; it is a combination of all the emanations of all our subtle bodies, each of which, by adding its own unique emanations, adds its own shades and tints to the whole. A man's etheric body forms an aura which penetrates and interweaves with the aura of his physical body and the combined aura of his physical and etheric bodies reveals the state of his health and vigour.

His astral and mental bodies, according to their activity or inertia, their qualities or their weaknesses, add their own special emanations, their own colouring to the initial aura, thus revealing the nature of his thoughts and feelings. And if the casual, buddhic and atmic bodies have been awakened, they add yet other, brighter, more luminous colours and other, more powerful vibrations.
The Aura Diary... *