"Man's Subtle Bodies and Centres"

The gift of the sun to the people: globules of vitality!

The physiological function of the spleen is, as you know, to manufacture red blood cells. It is not surprising, therefore, that the etheric centre of vitality lies over the equivalent physical organ. If you want to absorb these tiny globules of vitality sent by the sun, therefore, remember to concentrate on this chakra in the mornings, at sunrise, and in that way it will become more receptive and capable of assimilating even more sunlight and you will find that your health will improve and you will have more energy.

For centuries, anatomists have been studying the human body, and by observation and dissection and with the help of instruments that have become more and more perfect, they now have an extremely detailed knowledge of its physical structure. But for all that they are still very far from the intimate understanding of man's subtle anatomy that initiates have gained through clairvoyance and spiritual experience. And one of the most striking aspects of this is the discovery made by Indian initiates concerning the seven chakras of man. For several thousand years now, they have taught that beyond the limits of the physical body, in his etheric and astral bodies, man has a series of subtle force centres lying along the axis of the spine. These centres are called chakras (a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel") or lotuses.