"Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon"

Love is sexuality which has been enlarged,
enlightened and transformed

At first glance, it is quite difficult to separate sexuality from love. Everything comes from God and, all the energy which flows through man has divine origins. However, this energy has different effects according to what it is passing through. Think of electricity. Electricity is an energy which we cannot define, but when it passes through a light bulb it becomes light, although it is not light itself.

It becomes warmth in a heater, magnetism when it passes through a magnet and movement when it goes through a fan. In just the same way, there is a cosmic force which alters its character according to the human organ it passes through. When it goes through the brain, it becomes intelligence and reasoning powers; through the solar plexus (or the Hara centre), it becomes sensations and feelings; through the muscular system, it becomes movement, and when it passes through the genital organs, it becomes attraction for the opposite sex. It is the same energy wherever it goes.

Sexual energy comes from very high up, but on passing through the genital organs it arouses sensations, excitement and the desire to get closer to each other. It is quite possible that with all these manifestations there may be absolutely no love. This is what happens with animals. At set periods during the year, they mate. Is it done with love? No, for they often tear each other apart, and with some insects like the praying mantis and certain spiders, the females eat the male. This is not love, but pure sexuality. Love begins when this energy touches other centres in man, such as his heart, his mind, his soul and his spirit at the same time as it touches his genitals. At this moment the attraction and the desire to draw closer to someone becomes aesthetic and is made full of light by luminous thoughts and feelings.

Love is sexuality which has been enlarged, enlightened and transformed. Love possesses so many levels and manifestations that they cannot even be counted and classified.

When you no longer stop at a few coarse, physical sensations, but feel the higher degrees of this cosmic force penetrating you, then you are feeling love and you can communicate with heavenly regions.
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