"Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon"

The torrent that sweeps away all barriers

You must understand that the only solution to the problems of love is love itself. Many have come to me to complain about certain illnesses or imbalances and I say to them, "Why did you stop loving? These troubles came because you restrained your love. Love is a mighty torrent, but as you did not know this and how to deal with it, you repressed it, and the repression led to devastation as the torrent swept away all barriers.

If you want to save yourself from these miseries, you must love, day and night love everything... and then you will be so busy that there will be no time left to be tormented.

The more you shut yourself off, the more you are miserly with love, the greater the complications you will experience. My God, if you would only be generous, you would be saved; give your love to everything. I have discovered this secret and this is what I do. Quite clearly people think that I am a little childish and say, "Poor chap, him and his heart..." But that's precisely it! With my heart I have found the secret which you, with all your highly developed intelligence, haven't yet discovered."
Thank Heaven each day for the wonders around you, for the millions of beautiful women and strong, intelligent men you have not yet had the happiness of meeting.

Think about them and rejoice! Rejoice that they exist and that one day you might meet them, talk to them, and admire them. My suggestion astonishes you as you are not used to rejoicing over ideas like this. Indeed, it is a very unusual way of thinking, but it is so effective! Try it and see!

You say, "Yes, but this goes against all the laws of morality. If everyone loved everyone, the family would no longer exist." Of course it would, it would be just one big family and that's no bad thing. When I say that men must love all women and women must love all men that does not mean that they should have lots of experiences and be unfaithful to each other.

No, they must be faithful, but they must also realize that no one man or woman can give everything and that you yourself cannont give everything to your beloved. So we should live and work together, but love the whole word, smile at the whole world, and leave our partners free to do the same. Go on loving each other, go on being together, but enlarge your concept of love and learn to be happy with subtle joys.

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