August 23, 1998


Physical pain, like each and every unpleasant feeling respectively, signals a wrong mental direction. This may be reflected in the body too, with the appearance of a disease or remain only on a mental-emotional level. Then the coordination with the correct vibration must return, which usually moves evolutionally (from lower to higher levels) through the initiative of the lower self, and its results appear in reverse order – therefore, they appear in the body last. Time decreases the more advanced the person is and can reach "automatic" changes in the body, i.e. to have a "miracle". 

The trials, to which people are submitted, do not receive sufficient and precise interpretation, because this would mean revelations which they would not be able to perceive. Your mother, for instance, was tested before she became capable of attracting a strong soul on the earthly plane, but this was known to her only subconsciously, by "instinct" as you say. For you, trials have a completely different character, since you know the purpose they serve for the Plan almost simultaneously.

The Universal White Brotherhood are those old inhabitants of the Earth in the first years of its historical existence. The planet was created from a thought-form of the will of the Sons of God, who, through the Sun which constitutes an energy "passage", were installed in this thisness of material dimension. On the same planet the Sons of Man were offered hospitality, and around the era of Pisces it was bequeathed to them once and for all, together with the capability of becoming able – if they evolve enough – to change over to the ancestral Race of Gods; this was announced to them through the lips of Jesus and was called Resurrection. From then on the choice of the course was left to their own will.

At the present moment the Sons of Man are at a critical point of their evolution, where their will should be directed towards a higher awareness. For precisely this reason, many of the Gods return to the beloved Earth either as incarnated beings or as "Voices". You see that all this is very simple for you to comprehend whatever seems "crazy" or at least unbelievable to you.

The problem with you is that because of your position in the Plan, you must necessarily move in two worlds, without essentially belonging to either of them, but it couldn't happen any other way. This creates a simultaneous overcharging of all the energy centres and demands very strong resistances so as not to cause the destruction of the vessel. You are overcoming this through constant exercise of the nervous system while at the same time you are covered by the Other Side with continuous energy transmission. Naturally this is especially tiring: we All know this. Besides, you know it too, and you knew it, when you chose to return. If you look back at that vision of your adolescent years, you will see that everything was already known to you, of course on an un-conscious level.

What your teaching consists of, I will not reiterate. It is needed though to redetermine the concept of edification versus punishment.

Firstly you should know that you must connect with the Word only when it is asked of you, on either a conscious and direct level, or a subconscious one. You'll understand the latter by the signs that will seem to "open the way" in this direction. Otherwise, choose silence. When you address someone, see you have prepared him energy wise and have investigated his frequency.

Strictness has nothing to do with whether you will pressure someone or you point out certain definite frames to him. Neither this, nor his evaluation belongs to your jurisdiction. I told you (he means a specific incident) that I would never send you anywhere where they can exploit you, and this is true, because your way cannot be influenced by any human factor or will. (To exploit means to sweep somebody along a road beyond his own choice, and this cannot happen in your case where your way is predestined by the Commissioners of the plan.)

That's why you mustn't connect your life with any person on Earth, in the sense that it is not possible for anyone to affect your life and your road. Consequently, there is no point in "strictness" or any other tactic in your case, since there is no possibility of deviation from the result. The only power that can modify the Plan is your own will. You are completely free to decide at any moment whether you wish to move on or not, and this is utterly respected. The protection of your self is something you shouldn't be concerned about, because others take care of this. What strictness should mean for you is to choose what you want and trust the way towards its realization in the Plan of God. Your own will is so indispensable because it constitutes the network of resistances of the human vessel, and without this you run the great danger of its destruction.

A short time ago you were called to reconfirm your desire. Without it, this exercise wouldn't have followed on, because only you, yourself are capable of affirming whether the vessel is in readiness to face the hyper-functioning of the energy centres. As long as your choice carries on, the Birth continues to be routed on the higher planes. For the time being you have nothing else on which you must work. Whatever happens is the result of prior processing in the invisible planes, and you already know it, so there is nothing for which you have to worry about.

X. follows his own trial, preparing himself for your common road. He granted you an energy clearing, and you must thank him for this. Reinforce him in his own effort, and speak to him with the Word, not with your own words. Don't point out the future to him. This is being born within him through his discourse with Me.

The Son