October 5, 1998


Humbleness is power and not weakness or "victimization", as many people say. The strong one, he who has sided with the Good and the Eternal, never feels insecurity or fear. He, who knows his Self knows God, and this gives him the extensiveness of the Universe and the density of the point; that is why he does not feel uncertainty, because he knows the true Existence and experiences it. He, who experiences Unity, does not worry about the separativeness of the Partial, but he sees convergence everywhere.

He who possesses the Knowledge and experiences the Truth is strong. He understands the past and provides the future, living at the same time fully in the present. Let's not forget that the future is none other than an extension of perception, and whoever has clear eyes can enter this state.

This man knows that he is subject to the Causality of Nature. He does not have the need to hyper-raise his self, because he knows it. Most importantly, however, he has no need to "convince" his self, because he experiences. Non-experiencing is perceived by the person as separativeness, since he knows on the one hand the "right" state, intellectually, but at the same time he is outside it as regards its realization. So bipolarity, splitting, is created, and this is the beginning of man's anguish, the downfall from the One, the experiencing of separativeness, by extension, of solitude. The concept of solitude denotes that existence experiences an anti-thesis with something else, an object opposite it. The realization of separativeness causes pain, because it is a situation different from the very nature of the Soul, which is born in the absolute Unity and identification with the Universe.

Therefore we understand that the sense and mainly the experiencing of Unity creates power, whereas splitting creates weakness. Fear is the emotion which sets into motion the process of the effort to return to the primary unity through the realization (experiencing) of the splitting. Therefore, he, who is afraid of solitude, is the one who starts from it, in order to return to the primary unity.

He, who is at this point, differentiates his self from those surrounding him, and persists in differentiation – without seeing that in this way he preserves the situation of separativeness within himself, which later places him in the vicious circle of fear. On the contrary, he, who is really strong, meaning identified with the God-Self, he himself does not need to hyper-raise and differentiate himself, so he is really humble.

Believe in your Self and let it show you the way.

The Son