October 8, 1998


Time will soon be needed to bring changes into effect. Stay with what I have already told you, meaning try to "empty" your mind of any kind of "planning" and stay in the infinite, eternal, unchangeable Love.

(- But I have to handle the issue.)

Handling is none of your concern, just as whatever has happened so far was neither your concern, nor a result of your handling it, as you wrongly believe. From the moment you decided to follow the Way consciously, the deterministic progress of events departed from your own will. So, do not try to change yourself or your behaviour, because this will have no result other than to blur the clarity of things.

(- I'm afraid I find myself in repeated cycles, that I cannot escape from.)

Indeed you are in repeated cycles, it is just that this is indispensable for you in order to ascend to apathy, with the meaning of the hyper-abridgment of the emotions - without your own mental or emotional interference. Very simply, just forget it. Whenever the thoughts return, repeat the Word of Love and then forget it, by replacing it with something else. The time that follows does not concern you. Simply believe that at the given moment everything will be accomplished in the way that is best.

I follow you on the Way of the infinite, eternal, unchangeable Love.

The Son