April 19, 1999


We should spend a little time on the concept of happiness, because often people confuse this situation of the soul with feelings which concern the ethereal body: firstly, happiness shouldn't be identified with joy or satisfaction or enthusiasm; these are emotions, and as such they have the following characteristics which oppose the concept of happiness, transience and dependence on causes. Happiness is characterized by perpetuity, meaning it is beyond time, since it is a situation concerning the soul and therefore it has the same characteristics as it, meaning it is not subject to the dimensions of time and space. Therefore, neither does it depend on any fact – event in time-space –, and that's why it's dissociated from the emotions, which are products of the self that is subsumed in time-space and which are directly dependent on the movement of manifested man (namely his "material" side) in the also manifested world and his interaction with it.

Happiness is, therefore, a much wider state, and can function as a basis on which all emotions are manifested each time, even the most "unpleasant" ones, such as sorrow, pain, anxiety, fear. This basis, not only does not hinder their manifestation, but on the contrary it allows them to reach their full size because it is presupposed that man's essence lies beyond separations, in the hyperconcentrated One, where as a matter of fact countless different hues and kinds of emotions, potentially exist. No manifestation of any emotion influences the basis, since it is about two different levels. Look at the sea: no matter how much the wind may be blowing and raising huge waves, the bottom remains still and unchangeable.

When you seek happiness then, first of all do not identify it with situations that have no relation to it. Besides, the man who does not feel sorrow or anxiety is not happy, but rather dead, because he will equally be able to feel neither joy, nor tranquility, nor any other emotion. After all, experiencing happiness on another level, will be the one to colour with interest – so too, by extension with "joy" – even an incident which brought sorrow and distress.

Real unhappiness is the devitalization, i.e. the repression of the functioning of the centres of the heart (emotions) and of the throat (communication).

The Son