April 14, 1999


People who go in for demanding athletic activities are exposed to quite a few injuries, so much so that sometimes it is an oxymoron: they choose physical exercise, which offers health, but because of the constant bruises they seem to be in worse "health" than the rest of the people. However, it's not so. Because a distinction must be made between injury and illness. Injury is an unavoidable contusion, due to the engagement in difficult activities, which derives from the environment, while illness derives from within man and for this reason it successively influences all his bodies, from the most ethereal to the material one. So he, who bears injuries, can be in full health, contrary to someone who, because of stagnation, does not exercise and seems intact and "healthy".

This example is worth keeping in order to better comprehend certain states of the soul. The man who loves the activity of the soul and develops it, most of the time feels hurt, precisely because of the injuries he undergoes during his confrontation with the external environment, but, overall, he is the healthier one, and not whoever avoids exposing themselves to conjunctures with a high degree of "dangerousness" as regards their emotional world.

Naturally, this is not valid on all occasions, since there are people who live a quiet and safe life, because this is what they must do, meaning that is their life plan. They don't avoid anything, but nor do they go after anything; but they have been called for this, consequently they keep pace correctly with their Self.

The important thing is for all those who feel that they are often struck by injuries, to know that their life's work leads them to high peaks and they necessarily walk along rough roads.

The Son