May 5, 1999


The Worker must give identity to the Deed, and not the Deed to the Worker. Because only then can man's personality infuse breath into the creation, when man exceeds the edifice. Likewise in God's Deed, workers must strengthen and entrench themselves, so as to be worthy of the earthly battle.

You often wonder why you go through so many difficulties, while you already feel ready to start your creative work. The answer is that the psychological power that is demanded as a commitment to the Deed of God is great and he who works must be secured from dangers. That's why the trials are many and constant, so that his strengthening be assured.

On the other hand, the motives should have been checked: accepted to the Deed of God is he who desires to lay down his Self to it, something that certainly presupposes having encountered it, and not the one who is seeking his identity in things outside himself. The second one, consequently, is firstly called on to delimitate and become conscious of himself, and when this is completed, then he is judged capable of undertaking some duties. It goes without saying that during this interim of his internal work he has been welcomed to the bosom of God's beloved, and receives help for this work. But he shouldn't ask to work externally if he has not first completed it.

Love Life, and welcome all its sides. Throw the good seed wherever you can, and trust the rain that will fertilize it. Come unto Me all you who are charged.