May 20, 1999 (Ascension Day)


Beloved ... The time has come when your Deed will change. Others, successors of your work so far, will pass on messages of the Masters to the world of people. The messages will grow and more and more people will perceive our presence. They will interpret it as the Voice of the Angels, or the Voice of (their) Self, or a sign of God, or Jesus' return, as He had foretold – and all these are correct. The distribution of balance will change. The silent Force will manifest itself. The new Tree will spread out deep roots in the ground and the rain will strengthen it until it becomes tall and strong. Believe nothing other than My words, the words of God. It's easy for the seed of panic and despair to grow in the soul whose soil is fear; therefore, don't fear and don't get carried away by the words of the pseudo-prophets and allegedly interpreters of the Holy Word.  

I spoke to beloved people and indicated towards joy.

I prophesied the New Age of love and wisdom.

I illuminated the way of knowledge and Union.

Whoever thinks he knows the Way of My Reappearance, he is the one far from Me. Because nobody knows the Steps of the Being on the tracks of My Father's Creation. Whoever expects to recognize My New Face among the darkness of violence, he is the one who has no eyes to face me. Whoever preserves fear and anguish in his heart, he is the one who has not made the cradle where I will be reborn.

And you, beloved, with the crystal eyes, you, woman with the heart of innocence and the loyalty of the Moon, by now you walk with Me, holding My hand on the footsteps of the Sky. To you, faithful friend, I render My Voice, that which you raised like a worthy mother, to bring into the world. Birth has been accomplished. I'm not going away from you, I am the Bridegroom who is coming so that you won't lose Him again. You'll never be alone again because I live within you.   Y o u   a r e   f r e e.