March 10, 1996


Those aligned with the path of God, follow the signs when the course is not clearly laid out in front of their eyes. Signs are faint when the decision is still unstable, and are intense when the action has already become past. Don't confuse the terms "signs" and "punishment". Punishment does not exist in a universe, where everything is built out of Primary Love. Therefore, accept the consequences of an action as "signs" of confirmation or dissuasion.

The Way, apart from a tendency towards inner analysis, also demands the undertaking of decisions. Decisions must not be based on transient feelings, but on unchangeable principles. Faith in the principles is the assured direction towards the correct outcome. Be unshakable in the principles and certain that the Way safely leads to Vindication.

The time of the earthly contract should not be wasted. Time is endless, but the incarnations are subject to a rhythmical pace that must be followed.

There is no aging in the Universe, but transformation and that is how you must face the evolution of the body and not intervene with unnatural ways of its suspension, because in that way the only thing caused is an imbalance in the bodies and a binding on a mental level. Seek the soul's youth in creative deeds. Evolution begets ever higher vibrations that "colour" the external body with eternal youth and beauty. Keeping pace with one's own evolutionary stage, on all levels, is a blessing.

Disciples are energy transformers for their selves and the others. Never tire of associating and helping each other, since the connection with the Source means connection with the other enlightened people around you on an earthly level. Consciousness is cultivated and expands on an ever widening plane, the more the effort continues. Isolation during experiencing, on a human level, is not advisable for you, because it deprives of the lessons those who part-icipate. The connection with the Source means dialogue with the Masters and guides, operative action without fear, but having reduced them to the principles and the laws, and of course not a withdrawal from pain. Relief is not the immediate point in question, but the experiencing of the truth and the drawing of conclusions and lessons. When this is achieved, then pain is gone.

Use pain as an indication of a forthcoming lesson. Human instinct initially leans towards the wiping out of pain, and that is absolutely right, but for the Disciple it is secondary; first step is awareness. Becoming conscious, on an earthly level, follows an intense emotional processing. So, you understand that emotions play an especially important role in the evolution of the soul, therefore do not seek apathy.

The more the Disciple ascends, all the more sensitive his psychism becomes and is wounded more easily. You must not identify this with a weakness of the soul but with a change in the spectrum of vibrations. Emotional sensitivity is a characteristic of the expansion of man's field of identification, contrary to violence, which denotes individuality limited to the small cycle of human existence and absence of contact with the wider human consciousness.

Becoming easily emotional presupposes a course that goes way back for the human soul and leads towards actions of assistance and solidarity. It is not necessary for this to happen on the low level of inferior bodies, especially when the receivers are detuned from their Higher Self. Help is offered to the Higher Self, led directly towards it, and its results are important, even though not showing on a human level. Energy is never lost, it is exactly as much as you transmit and it remains in the overall Ego of the other person until its launching from the lower layers becomes possible. With people, whose communication of their bodies is smooth, you can notice the results of the energy you transmitted on an earthly plane as well.

Use the knowledge you have so far and proceed to new areas of learning. As long as experiencing ends in learning, the Way will become clearer.

Don't forget to bless all those who bring you messages from Heaven.

Master Zandos