March 3, 1996


People accumulate material possessions with greed, and more than they need or can use, because insecurity completely possesses them. On the contrary, the person who has come to know the Truth, has exactly as much as he needs each time, and feels the certainty that he has no need to stock-pile since he is in constant contact with the primary Source.

True faith mainly concerns what is not tangible and accessible to man's senses and knowledge, but good faith is a great virtue and the man who has it, is judged as brave and capable. But be careful of the distinction: the man of good faith and he who is easily led. The first one follows the traces of a positive impulse that develops him by putting him on the difficult road of following a star because he desires the manger of the Nativity. The second one follows the easy road, where it is not necessary to try the trust in the ideal and the vision, but is convinced by whatever he would like to happen to him, so there is no need for him to labour over changing.

Good faith means trust in God and his Plan, in the guiding of the Masters and the providence for all creatures of the Creation, and not obedience and submissiveness to the deeds and the words of people.

Let's not expect anything from other people, and then disappointment will vanish. Fellow-humans must have our understanding and sympathy, because they themselves are guided within the framework of the Plan of Life. We must not entrust hopes, admiration and expectations to people, mainly because we cannot know the destiny that has been determined for them. We ought to be free and set them free as well from such kind of mental fetters, which pins us both down.

Our feelings must be independent from evaluations, especially when it is about partial judgments that imperfect earthly awareness provides us. We must accept other people's behaviour without tending towards judgment, we should not let any external situation influence our energy space and reduce our emotions to levels where they do not change through circumstantial situations.

The Disciple is guided in order to overcome the stage of cyclothymiac inner state and touch the concepts of the Unchangeable, the Definite, the Absolute, the One. As long as fear collapses with the rise of the Light, faith stays unshakable and the successive contrasts night-day, cold-heat, power-weakness are surpassed. Absoluteness is experienced through the perpetual movements of succession, and we realize that rotation is the absolute immobility.

Power accompanies those who have proved they are capable of directing it according to the will of God.

Whoever lives happily, is the one who walks the true Way, because the Plan for people is the choice of happiness. The experience of happiness does not lead elsewhere but to earthly Life, and he, who lives this life, will also be worthy of the Next one. Toil shrinks as success becomes greater and certainty guides the actions. Seek Joy within mental tranquility, which accompanies the connection of the conscience with the Universe.

The more man's life is enlightened, he realizes that even the most difficult conditions do not cause him sorrow or depression any longer, but joy for life, eros and ecstasy for the Creation.

Follow the joy of fellowship. Seek the joy of isolation. Talk with silence.

Master Hilarion