March 23, 1996


Seek the solutions you ask for in the past. Mistakes are always repeated and cyclical, that is why the past could teach you. Don't act, when the way is not clear.

Other people do not think like you do, so the reproaches and the conclusions you attribute to them are not always as you think.

Don't be afraid of separation, because in reality it is none other than a space-time distancing. Just as people connect the feeling of earthly romantic love with the Union, likewise they connect human separation with death, and this hurts them. You yourself know that God has accepted you into His order and you must no longer be afraid of any Separation. Face your life as a course towards eternal Light, let your faith work, and the day is close when no darkness will threaten you.

Let the Plan of God work without distractions and everything will become clear and easy. Your self must nevertheless be kept humble, mild and full of kindness for its fellow-men.

It was intentional that nobody was found near you (he means at some difficult moment) so that you become stronger each time. Don't converse with those who you should not, because you darken your own horizon. Stay in connection with the Source, and there you will find all that you need.

Continue your effort to send positive thoughts, and be sure that the Universe will undertake to settle any pending issue and imbalance. People's justice is imperfect, no matter how enlightened they may be, pray for divine justice and it won't be long until it is put into practice.

The energy blockages that happen to you, cannot be controlled each time and directly by you, so don't worry, and don't undertake the responsibility for everything. You must learn to loosen up and wait, or go along with the impersonal Karma which moves around you – sometimes very strong – realizing that everything does not derive from you nor is it always addressed to you personally. When the winds around you are very strong, let yourselves go with them.

It is time you saw the fear of abandonment in its true perspective. Become strengthened through prayer and use the mind in order to weaken fear. Wait for the day when the struggle has brought results, when the past has been defeated once and for all. Believe in that day, and expect it, for it will come.

You must be ready to resign from every emotional attachment, because only Abraham was the chosen of God. Your true aim is unique and you must be in a position to change any intermediate one, in order to arrive.

You asked for justice and it was served. Rest assure that the justice of the Hierarchy is unbiased and watchful in order to protect and justify the chosen ones. Ask for the administration of justice before you decide any counteraction.

Bridle the intellect, the lion (note: the lion is mentioned as a symbol of the lower self) must be quiet, even when the enemy is near, because an attack on the enemy may deviate to danger for the master. God will give you the answer, a lot earlier than you would consider you are wasting energy on the wrong path. Re-examine your course carefully, being mindful of all the messages, asking for the support of the divine Will and being sure that nothing but only the best possible events occur for your development.

God is constantly on your way, tirelessly and watchfully, protecting and guiding you towards His eternal throne.

We are all near you to help shorten and complete your course auspiciously. Drive away every fear, because around you there is only blessing. Show faith and very soon you will open your eyes to realize that the Truth is here for you. Show patience and bravery. The dawn approaches.

Master of the White Brotherhood