March 29, 1996


Wish for exercises, not out of selfishness or vanity, but as something necessary which leads higher on the way of evolution. Difficult circumstances must not make you feel stronger, because their aim is the opposite.

People, who rejoice with hidden selfishness when they are tormented, are far from the meaning of this Life.

Endure, work and act so that the trials have a weaker and weaker effect on you, so that joy dwells with you, in your temple.

Pain is not an end in itself, except for the unworthy of this Life, which is the eternal one. Pain, when not dealt with in its true dimensions, i.e. as a means of training the soul, becomes a drug for the people who do not have the courage to desire and seek Creation.

Desire then, trials in order to walk the path of truth, but ask for joy and beauty to be your escorts. Don't create traps that suck Eros out of your life; work during all Seasons, keeping unquenchable within yourselves the breath of Spring. The Joy of Life which is enclosed in the Now, is the right way for the beloved disciples. Seek this joy and keep its memory, for however long as your eagerness has brought you on the hard road of trials. The way to real greatness has but one direction.

I am always next to you to hear what you are telling me and direct you to the love of God.