October 20, 1995


It is still too early for you to overcome all of the problems.

Believe that God is with you and that the problems are there so that you move on. Nothing is capable of stopping you when your way is the way of God.

Fight jealousy. It is your hardest step, that is why your exercises are painful. But a small victory each time is important in your course to overcome the problem. Your jealousy derives from a previous life.

Let your self follow its spontaneous instinct and then you will recognize the exercises and you will advance.

Don't talk to people who do not know your karma. They can only harm you by disorientating you from solving the exercise. Address yourself to God and your guide only, in order to face the situation positively.

Ask for help and it will be given to you.

God is glad to help people in their difficult ascent, do not hesitate frightened that you are showing cowardice. It is bravery to ask for the help of good. You are a brave person. You know how to give. Learn to ask as well.

Win over the workers of Good. Work for yourself as much as for others. By saving yourself you also help others to be saved.

Show trust.

Don't occupy yourself with other people's lives. This task is theirs and their guides', therefore do not intervene in their karma.

Don't judge. You can never know all the parameters, that's why it is inevitable you'll judge unfairly. Be occupied only with the part of life which is in common with your life.

Be pleasant. Nothing is more powerful than your joy, nothing is invincible. Believe in victory humbly, let victory be one more step towards heaven, and not food for vanity.

Let joy nestle in your heart. Don't fear the spring of prosperity. No dark "today" should shadow your eternal happiness. If you are afraid of love it means that it is not the real one. Love does not have clouds. It is clear and simple, like a morning sky. Don't block love and joy.

Only fear can cast you down from the celestial course. Chase away fear and then your winter will become eternal summer.

Forget whatever you otherwise cannot distance yourself from.

We are all with you, full of love and understanding. Don't store warranties for the future. In this life there is no future and you toil in vain by building with playing cards in the wind. Don't ask for certainty and rest. This life is not destined for rest, but for deed.

Sleep peacefully. Your mind and imagination should be servants and not masters of your soul.

Forget everything that hurts you, because it does not exist.

Elementals are on the look out to demolish anything beautiful you build with love and faith. They are thirsty for the energy of a bright heart, that's why they approach bright people more. You know, that is why it is your duty to preserve the fortune that God entrusted you with.

Rest. What you know is enough for the time being.

You were warned of a difficult lesson, therefore you are called on to carry it through correctly. Be as strong as a warrior. Be as calm as a philosopher. Be as obedient as a pupil.

Your destiny is great when you entrust it to the guidance of those who know better than you.

Clear your body. Don't let any more trash accumulate for a long time, because illness is nearby.

Continue what you have started. It is time you moved on exactly as you asked. Long strides do not necessarily mean that you will reach the target sooner. Take small steps in order to gain the Kingdom of Heaven.

People who are close to you love you. Trust them so that the Angels of the Lord trust you.

Keep away from mediums and other suspicious characters of the invisible world. You know what you have to know and even more.

God is preparing you for an important task.

Solve the problems with your self in order to sooner find the way that has been opened for you. Do not stop at material goods. Share everything you have, God always takes care of what you really need.

Listen to the messages. Do not shut your eyes to the messengers. Do not wish to influence things, do not wish to hinder whatever is to be done.

Do not be afraid.

Your guide and I are with you. Use your intuition in order to help others also.

Prepare yourself. Your victory is happiness to all of us. I am glad you are listening to me, I am glad I am talking to you,

I love you