October 26, 1995


Stop facing ..... competitively. Your voice is unique, just like the rest of your existence. Stop thinking and start again ..... Your voice will appear when you are not expecting it and when you decide to forget problems. Sound is sent from God for the people; you are only the resonator, the instrument. Do not hinder the voice of God by trying to control it.

Let time roll by. You are rushing to have the result for which you are not ready yet. But this does not mean that you should not proceed. The time needed for you to arrive, will not be known to you in advance. So do not ask for credentials.

It is a hard way, but do not doubt it. You know your destination, you simply don't know how long it will take you to get there. Don't be afraid and don't strain yourself. By doing this you stall even more.

Spare no toil or expenses, you will get them back multiplied, but again in order to give them away once more. Move on steadily and patiently, closing your ears to the Sirens, ignoring those who do not know your destination and wish to discourage you. Do not answer them back. Believe in God's Plan even when the way seems dark to you. Everything is predetermined and what seems to you a failure constitutes luck and the favour of God.

Do not forget your task and do not change course.

Do not allow others the right to judge you.

The future for you is brighter than the present, because you wished to follow the way of God. Many will wish, out of envy, to stop you or mislead you.

Believe with the heart and not with the mind.

Failures which seem inexplicable to you, are necessary for your path to become solid.

Stay close to the few that love you.

Your guide loves you, listen to his messages in order to avoid the pitfalls which simply delay you and steal your joy.

Commit yourself to the target with patience. You cannot know the time needed, therefore simply have faith without knowledge. Knowledge will come later when the time is right.

Let the messages of the Heavens lead you, like the Magi. Don't become discouraged and don't judge. Keep on the path obediently and be certain that you will also reach the Manger.

Do not believe in your self. Believe in God who dwells within your self. Work humbly without demands and be certain that you will receive the rewards you deserve.

Do not leave .….. Do not seek work beyond this, because you are wasting time. Enjoy the love of the people around you, but don't ask at this moment …., because the circumstances are not yet appropriate. Devote yourself to your task, that is what is asked of you at the present moment. Don't let other fears and worries shadow your joy. They are traps of the elementals that seek to feed on your joy. God takes care of everybody better than they do for themselves.

Function according to God's will.

Believe and you will own the Kingdom of Heaven.

I am always by you, at your service.