Christmas, 25.12.97


Search the Universe to recognize the Lights which delineate My Way.

I create Time and he, who loses himself in My present, discovers the Eternal. The World lives and is completed within yourself, and within yourself you will discover the laws that determine the Infinite. If you are seeking Me, hear your Voice and believe it, because your Voice is My Voice and your Voice creates as I do. I am born through you every day, because I am the Non-manifested who manifests in the Worlds. If you go beyond the circumstantial and the specific, you will discover that the manifestations are alternations of the Unchanging, configurations of the Endless. Whoever does not identify with the partial, discovers eternal tranquility, because he is everything, and while he identifies with the Good, he does not identify with its reversal and does not experience pain. Pain is a sign of the sense of terminality. The Eternal is expressed through joy and expresses joy, because it knows the changes, and inside Evil it discerns the arrival of Good. It does not worry inside Good, because there the universe balances again and again, while it is agitated by opposing forces, because Good is the Unity of all qualities, Good is the unification of Good and Evil. One and its absence are included inside the One; the Infinite and the Void are included inside the Infinite. The paradox is that Creation creates the Created again; each Birth gives birth to the World again. Beyond the gates of this world, man knows no distinctions to sub- and ob-jects, because he does not know the dual but the expressed unity.