December 10, 1997


Beloved disciple, you must realize that what you have to do is to act and not re-act, as we have already said in the past. This happens in order to examine the motives of an action honestly, without trying to hide yourself not even from your self. If your intention is sincere and pure, this means that you will act in the same way regardless of what the others are doing or did, because this will be determined by your own principles. When you love, you yourself are the responsible one, the creator of your emotion, and the other person is simply he, with whose contribution this emotion is being drawn up to the surface. Even if he is absent, you will be able to create the same feeling again, because you are the one responsible for it; he has simply been the pretext, and pretexts may be given from many external factors. So, whoever is capable of loving, always finds "something" onto which to project this love, and under no circumstances is the person who does not love, going to be worthy of it.   

Emotions are experiences, which the soul brings with it from the Beginning of the World, and they have the character of primordial power. You are used to attributing the emotion to the sub-ject that functioned stimulatingly, so as to emerge from the subconscious, but this is wrong. Just like a catalyst acts as a means for two chemical substances to react, in this way the sub-ject also acts as a catalyst which finally creates an emotion.

The experiencing of emotions has deep roots in the unification with the Universal Soul. Just like clear water that goes through a pipe and cleans it, in the same way Love – which is the synthesis of the positive feelings, just like white of the colours – "cleans" the person through whom it flows. On the contrary, just like acid burns up and destroys a pipe, the same way negative feelings burn up and destroy firstly the person himself who invokes them. So, let us not punish those who live with hatred, because they themselves have condemned their selves; let us have compassion for them and pray for them to change.

Illness is the manifestation of the damage provoked by the conduction of negative forces. And even the switch cannot change a course traced out a long time ago. So, we see people suffering with no reason "obvious" to us, because we do not have the capability of knowing their overall course in the world. For them, we must not think inquiringly only, but energetically we should urge them to change course, so that at some time – a point in time which may not be visible to us – the corruption stops and the regeneration begins, the "reformation" of their self, the rehabilitation into Harmony. Otherwise, they will be driven to disintegration – but this is very difficult, because the strictness of the Universe, which in some cases seems disproportionate to man's action, leads to self-awareness and the "return to Paradise".

The souls, which completed the first cycle of lives, return bodiless and guide those who retrogress; it is really unlikely for someone to be eventually driven to complete catastrophe because he is given many opportunities. The most important of all is the loss of the memory of previous lives, which wipes out the marks of experience and gives the ability to create new, "clean and healthy" associations. Memory returns little by little, as long as man is released from the necessity of serving time in set life patterns. That is why it is possible that images may return during the moment of death-passage.

The New civilization will be reborn in its homeland.

Know and love this homeland as a cradle of a higher Communion. The new people are already being born and have been born in this specific era, because it is the Age when the Memory will be awakened, and the barrier of Time will break.

In this New Age the gap, which greed and selfishness created in Time will be healed. The Beast is the cumbersome Matter, which bound the Spirit and deprived it of its capacities of access in Time-space. Those who do not know the Immortal, will fight on the side of stagnation, but the wings will be given to those who defy fear and open their eyes to Infinity.

Many bright Spirits are already working so as to guide the mortal species back to its beginnings. Many will work at the base, without being noticed. And when the base is consolidated, then the wave of transformation will surge, that will look like a new Cataclysm, to clean up the lands where the Sons of God used to live before, as a nation of Giants. Then, the Return to the Promised Land, the Land of Light , Hellas (Hellas means land of sunlight) will have been completed. Then, Helios (meaning the Sun) will return to Earth. Then, the voices will cease and the Word will be heard; then, everybody will be rebaptized with the names of the Truth, and Thought will be transparent, as it was before it hid inside the darkness and opacity of the Mind. Then, eyes will determine motion – as you yourself have experienced.

The "Kings", who fled to the Solar System, will be re-established in the common body of the Nation. It is not that long until Tranquility returns.

Seek the Truth where its sign exists. Forsake your self and devote yourself to the road. Soon there will be no mystery, because Science will be revealed in its entirety, meaning the Knowledge of the Entire World.

Masters Jesus - Zeus