January 25, 1998


The road of life is a dark road; every step is a victory, and it means shining further ahead for others to also step. Do not refuse to stand on the way as a watchful guard, as much as it may seem that nobody is approaching; because light shines far at night and bright souls are discernable even by those who are very far away from them in the course of evolution.

Love does not need reasoning. You do nοt love "because…" but "because you love" you do whatever you do. Therefore, do not seek a reason behind your actions, but let yourself go freely to feel whether this action makes you feel good or not. When we approach Truth and act according to it, then our whole existence is attuned to its harmony, and naturally the first thing we experience is psychological euphoria. Hence, before you judge your actions with logic, and before you start to seek rational criteria and standards in order to weigh your behavior, connect with the Truth, pray, as they would say in the old days, and when you are assured that you are travelling along with the Truth, then you are thinking correctly.

Seek the other beings that live in Nature, and call on them to join forces with you in the good. Talk to the beings of the plants and trees, of the animals and birds, because in this way you illuminate their path as well; the role of teaching is of utmost significance: suffice you speak the language of the weaker, of the powerless, of the one who ignores. The weight falls twice as heavy on those who know the Truth, because they shoulder the responsibility of the "disciples" together with the responsibility of their self, and are called upon to solve twice as many problems, to struggle on many levels. Yet, how important and how wonderful their task is!...

You are in the appropriate place in order to develop certain facets that were necessary. You realized that flexibility in behaviour is a virtue for those who know the Truth and are called to convey it. And of course, do not specify any "ending" for the path you have chosen as the most beloved one. Patience is wisdom and power.

I've nothing else to tell you. Remember that he who lives deprived of a situation but lives as though he isn't, is worthy of it. The Virgins who were in readiness became worthy of receiving the Bridegroom: because the Bridegroom will never come at the expected moment; he will knock at the door when everything is silent and dark, and will appear when the time is advanced. Because the soul that loves never ceases to desire and prepare.

The Moon illuminates people even when it is invisible and dark.