January 27, 1998


For as long as the Truth shines, you will discover the greatness of the Word within you, you will be flooded with the trust which belongs to those who live with the Truth, being ready to bring any person down and endure every loss.

You see, what caused you such deep sorrow and pain, how necessary it was for you to be raised to the position of the powerful, to come to know the strengthening against every fear, to seek the existence behind and beyond everything. It was a victory, this last trial, victory and prevalence of power. Victory of individuality, when the idealized people next to you were brought down, and even the Voice itself. He, who loves life above everything, is the one to be worthy of the Truth and Love, because he can look at the Sun straight in the eyes.

The Hierarchy welcomes you again. The disciple's victory is glory for the master.

Showing strictness means not deviating from your position, provided it is composed and represents an essential message. Strictness is a presence of love and understanding, and aims to set the disciple's movements in such a way, that he becomes capable of gaining whatever he seeks. So, concession means consent to stagnation. The farther away the disciple is, the more inaccessible and enigmatic he finds the image of the master. Because the master works in silence and leaves those traces only, that awaken and stimulate the spirit. Respect replaces fear, when man reaches the point of forming a system of values and criterion of evaluation; otherwise, the new tree collapses before it completes its development.

The Son