June 18, 1998


When you make sure that the others love you, then you'll be free to love yourself totally. Love is a two-way as well as interactive energy. By untying the knots of the past you can see the present in a different humour and this will modify the attitude of the others towards you, since it will have already modified your attitude towards them.

Allow the other to be free to experience the realization of the relationship step by step, without trying to guide him, because guiding brings refusal and delays the course. He will find the way towards release on his own, and then he will decide, as you do, to bridge the loss and "close" the relationship.

The transmission of light raises the vibrations and tunes in both the transmitter and the receiver with the divine vibrations. That is why prayer, the uttering of divine verses, the inner projection of light, clears man from parasitic thoughts and calumnies. When someone does not feel certain about the purity of his thoughts, he must become attuned to the high divine vibrations, and then examine the truth, since he is transferred to high spheres and there, every kind of parasite is lost – as if changing station on his radio. Even when some dreams emerge, which drag up ambiguous scenes, check whether they originate from the high or low vibrational plane of the self.

My dear daughter, you are walking the path of liberation in this life, that will enable you to relinquish the lower bodies. The One and Only calls you along the path of Unity, where there is no sorrow, anguish, pain.

[ ………… ]

The Son