June 15, 1998


Experience these emotions as much as you can, because every emotion is useful and besides, this is the reason for your return to earth. Don't be afraid of sorrow or pain, because there are no "bad" emotions: remember, bad is the absence of good, therefore bad is the absence of emotions, the inertia of the soul, insensibility, heartlessness. The man who feels is the man who lives, so long as he does not identify his deeper existence with the experiencing of emotional situations. And it's natural for this experiencing to move within the whole range of the soul's emotions. Contemplate every emotion as a colour, and consider how monotonous life would be if we saw everything only as red or green. When you combine all of them you will arrive at white, and that is the emotional condition of apathy – but this concerns another life.

Therefore, do not censor, but do not identify with, either.

When you experience an emotional situation, see it as an opportunity, for instance like visiting a place. Whoever tries to escape from their emotions are as if they are in a place and instead of trying to draw as much as possible from it, they close their eyes and refuse to receive images and messages from there. In that way they shrink their self.

Feel gratitude each time for the opportunity to come to know an emotion, and also consider that perhaps this will not return for a long time, so take as much as you can from this. What a pity it would be to see a summer rain as a "misfortune" for your plans and not as an opportunity for the soil to be watered amidst a hot period and the place, which is being ravaged by the sun, to be cooled.

He, who helps you feel and is involved in it (feels together with you) is a friend. He, who leads you to emotional heartlessness, numbness, and finally necrosis, is the real enemy. Because the former makes you side with Life, while the latter leads you to Death. Provided you use all that is produced within yourself creatively.

The Son