10. What do we do with the "baddies"?

If we eliminate the goodies,
the baddies will be eliminated too,
and likewise, if we eliminate the baddies,
the goodies will be eliminated too.
Gulp! Another angle maybe?
Should we strengthen the Good so much so
that the bad seems weak and insignificant?
Good is the Unity of all qualities,
Good is the unification of Good and Bad.
Within the bad we always discern the arrival of Good.
So, let us meet it, and guide it with understanding
to the hospitable reservoir of good.

Here's a good definition of the "crook":
knowing that disagreement exists,
and moving in for the "gain" ...
But one of the worst sins,
and by sin we mean "missing
the target" on the path of Love,
is to exploit those who lack
mental abilities.
The bar is set high, and you go under it
instead of preparing yourself for the big jump.

Whatever evil tries to do, it will only chase after us
looking for victories in vain, even if the whole
World's Cunningness unites! Futile.
The powers of evil imitate whatever the good guys do,
but still they are the Eternal Losers.


For the "bad guys", there is an energy plane
where their souls reside
- the "barren planet" -
to think, reconsider and after that return to Earth.
Just like kids who never make the grade.
Here on Earth they test our reflexes,
our limits and endurance
and they try to take advantage of the chance
the universe has given them once again.

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