14. I build a character from Light!

Apart from diets for our physical body,
every now and then a spiritual diet
is necessary for us.
We strongly recommend a diet
that refuses negative thoughts
- fasting is even better - it's very effective
and will soothe and free the spirit!

When we build moral character, becoming humble
takes place of priority. Humility does not mean
blushing when praised or lowering your head
while inside your ego is swelling ...
Nor does it mean becoming the weaker one
or the victim. Humility means to fall in line
with the Good and the Eternal;
to know who you are; to know your position
in the Hierarchy of the beings in the world;
to work without expectation
and not to consider your work
as an accomplishment.


And whenever we make a mistake
we make a forthright apology
and at the same time
we learn a lesson from this experience.
There are no good and bad experiences,
all of them are "constructive"...


Whoever tries to "grab" something
that he hasn't toiled to cultivate,
will never acquire anything.
It's the only thing you can be sure of.
There are no «magic», easy solutions;
we must earn Knowledge, not steal it ...
inner learning is a common, unbreakable law for
all of us. Remember the story of Prometheus
who stole Fire from the Gods to give it
to the people, and for this he was "punished",
i.e. he suffered the consequences of his deed.


First we think, then we act ...
a child's premature rush, often impetuous,
will at some point be tamed by the prudence of the experience.
Even the best intentions in the hands of the wrong people,
may create extra problems, instead of solving the ones that had arisen.
Our mind is our tireless servant that must choose and control our actions,
thoughts and feelings. It is the source and the vehicle on a course
that we have chosen, with its stops and destination.

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