December 23, 1998


The experiencing of separativeness is that condition which will lead you to the final realization of Unity with the Universe and God. The strict differentiation as a sense of separativeness, and the isolation within the narrow bounds of the schematized self, leads to the road of internal discovery of those "core" characteristics, which expand to the infinity of Existence. He, himself who lives in the vagueness of the space outside himself, he himself has no chances on the road of discovering the Truth. Only if you turn your eyes inwardly, can you see where the paths of Knowledge begin and where they lead. Only when the voices silence, can you hear the Voice.

The sense of separativeness makes you discover the Unity with your Self, namely to differentiate the ones that belong to your own Unity from those that do not. In that way, you learn to understand what it is that constitutes the similarity in essence. By learning to recognize the affinity in a – small and limited – Whole, like man is, you can later perceive the affinity in the wider Whole, which is the World, another way of considering it. By learning to distinguish every colour separately, you learn to recognize the inner affinity of the colours and, their reduction in essence, to one archetypal quality.

The same also goes for emotions. But you know this.

The Son