January 20, 1999


The struggle that presents great difficulties is the one that names the champion. The boundaries are nowhere predetermined and toil is always relative to the trophy. But even if the result does not fulfil the human expectations, God always finds room in the soul of the struggler and settles there.

Whether someone should change his way, is not judged by the obstacles this way presents. On the contrary, it is then that a person should be very cautious in deciding, because he tends to confuse fatigue with the inclination to change course. Only then does the course change, when it does not cause pain anymore, because pain is the indication of work.

Steps in the night are invisible; but just after dawn, the whole road that has been travelled is revealed.

In life the sun rises when the voice of inertia silences, when the soul bravely decides to confront the fighters of Darkness. And the battle is not over, before the cycle returns to its beginning. Fleeing from the battle is not the custom of the beloved. And the result has not been judged, before the dust has settled. Whoever is found there, goes on without being disappointed or involved with premature and inappropriate conclusions. Besides, conclusions belong to History – while he belongs to Life.

Whoever believes in himself does not "need" God, because only then does God cohabit in his house.

Whoever truly loves, as he says, knows that no wound bleeds forever. Besides, he pays attention only to the wounds of his beloved ones.

The Son